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Juneteenth 2020

June 19, 1865 the war had finally ended and all enslaved Blacks were officially free. 155 years later we are still battling racism, inequities, violence, and hate. On this day, Blacks celebrate the anniversary of their freedom in the United States. On this Juneteenth, Lovey and Jacob tackle the topic of what changes we need to make so History can stop repeating itself

Lifted Black Voices

In this episode, Lovey shares some very personal and painful stories of being a young Black girl and woman in White America. Racial microaggressions are real and quite triggering for many people of color. Take a hard listen this Friday, June 12th.

Tulsa Race Massacre Today

“In this week’s critical episode, Lovey opens the conversation with the voice of Keedron Bryant, the incredible 12-year-old gospel singer who dedicated his original song to the death of George Floyd. For many Black men, women, and children, this has been one of the hardest weeks in many years and for some a lifetime. Join Lovey and her returning guest Kyle Layne-Allen as they discuss living and dying in America as a Black person.“

Hollywood: Black Stories, White Voices

"Lovey and Brother Jake discuss how a diverse array of Black stories have been neglected by Hollywood and in their place, America has been presented with a one-sided picture of the Black experience. According to Hollywood, We are 12 Years A Slave, We Are The Help, We are Driving Ms. Daisy… We are so much more. Join the intense discussion this Friday, May 29th."

First Generation Haitian

"Sak Pase? N’ap Boule” In today’s episode, Lovey brings her baby sister Christine aka Roundtree on the show to talk about being a first generation Haitian growing up in America. The Children of Immigrants also get the job done. Be sure to bring a glass of Kremas and a bowl of Soup Joumou and enjoy this episode of the PodCaste System. Happy Haitian Heritage Month.

Shiver me Tinder

After a nearly 20 year relationship ended, Lovey’s next guest, Darlene, enters the online dating world and learns a lot about what she doesn’t want and what she never wants to see. Join the conversation and learn a thing or two if you are looking for love in all the online places

Kids Say the Darndest Things

As Whitney Houston sang it, “The Children are our future!” And in this episode, Lovey lets the children have an unedited voice on the PodCaste system. She and her two sons talk about politics, parents, and the reason they eyeroll. The end of the episode has a special musical release by one of their friends, Lana Ruffner. Enjoy this kid friendly bonus episode.

90 Day Fiancé: Love, Lust, and the American Way

90 Day Fiancé is one of the biggest hits on reality TV, but who is really winning and who is losing in the game of International love and lust? Lovey brings back Brother Jake to talk about the drama that ensues when you merge love and citizenship. Bring your passport, opinions, and judgement to this episode of the PodCaste System.

Girls Trip

We all live busy lives and sometimes fall into our normative roles. In this episode of the podCaste System, Lovey talks with her long-time friend and guru of The Girls Weekend. They discuss the Do’s and Don’ts and all the stuff in between. Come along for the ride and bring a tasty cocktail to the conversation. Sometimes breaking the rules in the system is exactly what you need in order to start living!"

Michael Vick vs. The Tiger King

On the 19th anniversary of Michael Vick’s groundbreaking first round draft pick selection, Lovey discusses his rise to fame and tragic fall. She and her guest of the week, Kyle Layne Allen, compare Joe Exotic aka The Tiger King and Michael Vick. Both men convicted of animal cruelty crimes but that’s where the similarities end. Join the conversation about the controversy on this week’s episode of The podCaste System. If you have any feedback or questions about the episode, feel free to email us at and share on Social Media using the hashtag #podcastesystem to keep your friends in the know!

The Price of Privilege

In this week’s inaugural episode of The podCaste System, Lovey discusses the Price of Privilege and the crisis of our moment. The first guest to the show is Jacob Roundtree, a Harvard PhD candidate in Political Theory who is currently teaching classes remotely to all his undergrads and underlings. Sit back and enjoy the banter and see where you fall in the Price of Privilege: The Game of Life. If you have any feedback or questions about the episode, feel free to email us at and share on Social Media using the hashtag #podcastesystem to keep your friends in the know!"

What is the pod Caste System?

"How many times have you wished you could hear what someone was thinking? Welcome to Lovey’s brain. Lovey tackles the inequalities faced by Blacks, Browns, and the unseen and NO…green people don’t count. Come through to dissect current affairs, politics, pop culture, and everything in between laced with a heavy touch of comedy and sarcasm to boot.”